Looking to find an extra couple hundred dollars in your monthly budget to pay off debt, save or invest?

Look no further. This 5 day challenge will help develop and flex your savings muscle! 

You can start the challenge at any time! Here's what you can expect:

  • A Money Savings Challenge tracker that you can download and use to track your progress and activity
  • Daily emails giving you 1 task to complete for that day. You'll need to do some tasks every day of the challenge, while other tasks are just a one time action.
  • Daily LIVE videos in the Facebook group to walk you through that day's action item

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The lessons I’ve learned, have allowed me to become savvy in budgeting and all things personal finance. Because of my money habits, my family and I are debt free (besides the mortgage) and I'm on my way to becoming financially independent by the age of 40. I want to teach you what I’ve learned through a little trial and error and a lot of discipline over the years. My goal is to help you eliminate debt, save more money and increase your net worth.