Coaching Services

Do you need help getting unstuck with your finances?

Do you want to stop the on going cycle of never having enough money and the constant spending on things that don't make you happy?

Do you want to create a plan to get out of debt once and for all so that you can finally start saving for the house of your dreams and all of your other goals you've put on the back burner ?

Do you want to be able to spend your money without guilt or shame?

​Do you want to figure out a realistic plan to quit your job, retire early and become financially independent?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, yet you don't know how to make it happen or where to begin, my personalized one on one coaching services may be the right fit for you.

Let me show you how my husband and I saved and invested $85,300 in 12 Months and how we become completely debt free (besides the mortgage). 

As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), I will give you personalized advice and an actionable plan to:

  • Aggressively Eliminate Your Debt
  • Create and Stick to a Realistic Budget
  • Creatively Maximize Your Income
  • Increase Your Net Worth
  • Understand Your Investment Options
  • Retire Early & Retire Rich

And because changing your finances starts with changing your mindset, we will dig deep and I will help you understand the why and emotion behind your money habits.

See what some of my past clients have to say:

     As our coach, Jamila taught us how to budget and now we are more mindful with our spending. Over the course of the coaching program, we eliminated $10K of credit card debt and are confident that we can reach our future goals.

Valerie & Mecca

I may not be the coach for you, if you:

-are not ready to transform your life

-are not serious about building wealth

-are content with your finances

-want to work in a job that you're not 100% happy with

If none of those statements above apply to you then let's find out how I can help you reach your financial goals. Click here or a pick a package below to get started: