What I’m about to share with you is what I’ve distilled over many years of studying and interviewing other successful people who have paid off tremendous amounts of debt, saved or invested a lot of money in a short period of time to reach Financial Freedom, and my own real life experience.

This training is for you if you are fed up with feeling stuck and want to learn how to accelerate yourself to your Financial Freedom goals...

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Hi! I'm Jamila 

The lessons I’ve learned, have allowed me to become savvy in budgeting and all things personal finance. Because of my money habits, my family and I saved $169,000 in two years and are debt free (besides the mortgage) and I'm on my way to becoming financially independent by the age of 40. I want to teach you what I’ve learned through a little trial and error and a lot of discipline over the years. My goal is to help you eliminate debt, save more money and increase your net worth.